Food Dehydrators

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The food dehydrator sheets provide an easy, clean, and effective surface to dry small items and liquids making the healthy, organic, raw food, drying process simple and painless. View photos Homey food dehydrator sheets are coated with non-stick food grade Teflon so that nothing sticks to the surface. Designed specifically to fit Excalibur brand dehydrators, these sheets measure 14" x 14". They can be easily trimmed to fit any brand dehydrator and provide an economical alternative to more expensive dehydrator tray liners. "The dehydrating process already takes long enough, we didn't want to add to that time," said C.S. Ly, founder of Homey. "With these dehydrator sheets, health-conscious individuals can spend more time eating great dehydrated foods and less time cleaning up those caked and dried dehydrator trays." Genuine Homey food dehydrator sheets will be available exclusively on ABOUT: Homey, a small, family owned company, offers premium, quality, household products that make life easier for busy, health-conscious individuals. With Homey products, living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult anymore. For more information, please visit Contact Info:

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